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hear what the industry has to say:

The VM & Display Awards is renowned for recognising new and exciting visual merchandising across the retail industry. Hosting its 30th VM & Display awards ceremony this year, it is the perfect opportunity to celebrate achievements within the retail space. Morplan has always been a proud sponsor, supporter and finalist to this prestigious event and enjoy celebrating industry success with everyone involved.  


Darren Marriott

Creative Manager

Morplan Ltd




The VM & Display awards are an annual event in the Propability and Flourish Trading calendar.

There really is no other long term event within the retail and visual merchandising industry that has been as prestigious and consistent year on year.

We are a long-standing partner to many of the industries key players. It's a perfect opportunity to see what everyone else is doing, who is working with who and what the quality of the output is.

As highly specialist manufacturers, designers and retail and events partners we bring the wow to the brand or retail outlet whenever we are involved. We pride ourselves on high quality. The VM & Display awards are the same and why we show our support through sponsorship - delivering an exciting event with wow factor each year to bring the industry together for some friendly competition, inspiration and glitz. Happy 30th anniversary from the Propability & Flourish Trading teams.


Suzanne Cano

Propability and Flourish Trading



The annual VM awards are an incredible way for the industry to connect and celebrate the work that we do. Being a part of the event always feels inspirational, and having a chance to champion the achievements of the community we work with feels important. We always look forward to supporting and celebrating the hard work and extraordinary creativity that our industry demonstrates year upon year.

Sarah Feather

Sarah Feather Design



I can’t believe The VM and Display Awards, or ‘The Display Do’ as we call it, has been running for 30 years!!  I have many fond memories of attending these evenings. There’s been lots of changes of venue and entertainment, and the number of tables and awards have increased as the role of Display/Visual Merchandising has evolved.


The event is a much more professional and civilised affair than it was at the start, although the presenters still struggle to be heard over a room full us catching up with each other and enjoying the evening! I remember in the early days how seriously we all took ‘dress to impress’ with many weird and wonderful outfits worn, how packed the dance floor was, and how sore my head and feet were the next day!


For those of us lucky enough to work in VM and Display, it’s the one time of year where we get the opportunity to meet up with friends and colleagues from across the industry with a common appreciation of good design, a love of creativity, and an understanding of all the hard work that goes into doing what we do. It’s a great time to acknowledge not only the nominees and winners of the awards, but also for us to celebrate being together and that we’ve made it through another year!!!


Janet Wardley

Head of Visual Display

Harvey Nichols




The VM & Display Awards have always been a key annual event in the UK retail market, recognising some of the best window schemes and pop ups the industry has to offer, importantly highlighting the great work both the brands and suppliers put in, to ensure the UK retail market is as creative and engaging as ever.


Harlequin have proudly been a part of this for over a decade now, and will continue to support and sponsor the event as it grows year on year.

James Bartington
Associate Commercial Director



The VM & Display awards event is a much anticipated night that never fails to deliver. For 30 years now its an event that brings our industries professionals together in a night that celebrates our hard work and achievements. We get to dress up, catch up with old colleagues, meet new people, and stay up to date with the VM trends and technologies that stood out in the previous year. 

Zach Stathopoulos

Windows Display Manager

Ted Baker




One of the most enjoyable times working in the UK market is the chance to celebrate the wonderful projects with our friends in the industry at the VM awards. A lot of hard work and exceptional talent has a special moment to be recognised and applauded as well deserved!


Rachael Alexandra Ferguson

Sales Executive

Window France


We take great pleasure in both supporting and participating in the VM & Display Awards.

Bringing together creative talent in one place showcases the true excellence within our industry, something we can all take pride in. An engaging and enjoyable evening is assured from start to finish.


Emerald McNamara


Emerald House Associates



The VM and Display awards is my favourite night of the year! What better way to spend an evening than surrounded by old friends and colleagues, showcasing all the incredible work and shining a light on some of the unsung heroes of the VM world. I always feel incredibly honoured to attend and play even the smallest part in the evening. 

Sian Roberts

Partner & VM Lead
Creative and Content
John Lewis & Partners



So, goodness the VM Awards now 30 years old, where did that go? as I recall the first. But now what an institution and a great opportunity to celebrate and reward the talent, creativity, and support of this great industry. And, to catch up with friends and colleagues both old and new, so always a great evening.


Brian Ranken

Invision Display Services



We are looking forward to spending the night celebrating creative genius and collaboration throughout the industry. Being nominated alongside so many talented individuals and companies is truly humbling, and we can’t wait to see what the evening has in store.


A huge thank you to everyone who has supported us along this journey, from our incredible team who brought this vision to life, to our clients who continually inspire us to push the boundaries of innovation in visual merchandising.


Daniel Collins

The Creative Key



Congratulations to VM and Display as they reach their 30 year anniversary. Time flies quickly in this industry as retailers demands suppliers, deliver faster, better, more cost effectively and recently more sustainably than ever before. Whilst many shows and awards have come and gone and retailers have grown and failed, you can say that one thing has remained constant throughout the past 30 years. Andrew has been cheerleading for the industry and doing all he can to help suppliers celebrate the wonder of their work. Congrats on the first 30 years and here’s to looking forward to the next 30.


Bob Volpe

Sales and Marketing Director Global

IDW Display




I’m a massive fan of the VM Display annual awards evening, it’s a real chance to catch up with suppliers, clients & indeed fellow display types! This event gives our industry an opportunity to gather socially & review some of the best projects of the previous year, but also gives us a chance to touch base with numerous key people in our world!


Matt Wingfield

Matt Wingfield Studio Ltd


Andrew, Richard and the team at VM & Display for 30 years have created the VM Industry awards working to make the evening a memorable event to celebrate the successes and to elevate the industry.


The VM Awards endorse, recognise the talent within the industry, bringing together all our colleagues to enjoy and celebrate all the hard work and results of the previous year. 

As with any creative process we make it look effortless.  Much planning goes into the process with many talented and innovative people contributing, to complete on time, on budget.  Today great care considering the materials used and our carbon footprint. 


Their contribution to the brand, company recognition on the high street and the company successes in sales and identity, VM and window display are the front cover on a high street.


The VM Awards are a much looked forward to event, time to meet each other, catch up and relax together to celebrate and be inspired by the successes in all the different 21 categories presented. 


Thank you for all your amazing hard work and forward thinking much appreciated throughout the industry. 


Sarah Southgate

Southgate Designs



I have attended the VM and Display Awards events since they started in 1995. Over the years I have had the privilege to accept awards for myself personally and for the Brands I have worked with. These evenings are always fun and glamorous socializing with work colleagues and friends from other brands. When your work is being compared with many of your contemporaries who you greatly admire it’s always very special when you get a mention or an award. 


My team, myself and my husband would attend these awards and have great fun at our table during the event when the awards were being announced. It was great to see our friends at other brands winning and of course my teams were always very competitive and very loud when we won an award. 


My teams over the years loved these awards evening and it was a great honour to see many of them receive awards for their contributions to their brands and our industry as their careers progressed. 

This yearly event helped make our industry very special and unique over the years. 


I have now retired after 40 years in this amazing industry and have loved every minute so it was very nice to be asked to be one of the judges for the 2024 Awards. I really enjoyed going through the entries and seeing what Brands were doing this year in all the different categories. 


Tim Whitmore 

Selfridges. Warehouse. Miss Selfridge. Wallis. 

Topshop. Topman. 



Where did that time go? During the same year as the first episode of a TV programme

based on a Group of New Yorkers who Gravitated to a certain coffee shop, Meatloaf’s, “I’ll do anything for Love” was in the charts, Power Rangers became the toy of the year, the VM & Display Awards event was launched and became the Focal Point of our retail calendar. With the exception of the VM & Display Awards the other launches from 1994 have had their moment and come and gone just like a transitory Pause Point in our lives. As we Reflect on this ever-changing and so often Distorted world it is comforting to have at least this one constant threaded through.

As an industry based on the Production and Implementation of so much Radiating albeit ephemeral work, this opportunity to celebrate so many talented people annually is one not to be missed. For those at the top of the Visual Merchandising industry Pyramid all are celebrated from multiples, department stores and independent retailers.

Areas such as Sustainability, Mannequins, schemes, themes and everything else in between are presented at their finest. Keeping this Art Form alive is no easy task as we know and therefore this annual event becomes ever more important and an opportunity to contribute and show our appreciation loudly.

As we progress further through the 21 st Century one might say that phenomena such as Artificial Intelligence or other such Digital Technology may eventually take over the creative work we do (or at least try) although that would, no doubt, be a Step in the wrong Direction. So, in the words of the late, great Meatloaf back in 1994, “I won’t do that”.

In the meantime, here in 2024 cheers to 30 whopping years of the VM & Display Awards and we look forward to even more sparkling and fun years to come.


Jonathan Baker

Senior Lecturer Fashion Visual Merchandising

London College of Fashion @UAL


It is fantastic that this, as an industry event, has achieved 30 years   - it is always exciting, always fun and one of the few opportunities to not just spend time with our clients but with our competitors too. The evening is a positive and uplifting experience every year....and I look forward to many more for years to come!


Jason Greenbaum



Magic is created when, for one night, the most inspirational, creative, and innovative names in Visual Merchandising throughout the UK find themselves under one roof, that magic comes alive at the VM & Display Awards. It is a night that showcases and celebrates an industry that is equally as culturally impactful as is artistically inspirational.


I have had the pleasure, year after year, to attend and I still find myself in awe of the passion and hard work that so many of my peers in the industry have put into window schemes and pop-ups alike, and it is humbling to see them be awarded for such triumphs. It is truly the event of the year, bringing new and old faces of the industry together to create a community of support and engage in the newest VM trends and technologies. I look forward to what kind of magic next year will spark.



Phoebe Dalziel 

Managing Director

Millington Associates


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