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For projects/products from 1st January 2024 to 20th December 2024

You can enter early projects now and continue to enter throughout the year

Best Use of Instore Graphic/Signage
Effective integration of both graphics and signage to enhance overall in-store customer experiences and engagement.

Best Window Graphic
Emphasis on creativity and visual impact in designing eye-catching storefront window graphics that engage with the consumer.

Best International Window
Open to entries from all around the world, focusing on creativity in retail window displays.

Best Non-Fashion Retail Concept
Originality and effectiveness evaluated in innovative retail concepts that operate outside the traditional fashion sector.

Best Use of Mannequins in a Multiple Retailer
Evaluation of how effectively mannequins are used to showcase merchandise and actively engage customers in settings involving eight or more stores.

Best Use of Mannequins in an Independent/Department Store
Creativity and strategic placement of mannequins aimed at enhancing the shopping experience and visual appeal in independent or department stores.


Most Outstanding Feature/Prop by a Multiple Retailer
The uniqueness and customer draw of a feature or prop within a retail environment encompassing eight or more stores, focusing on visual impact.


Most Outstanding Feature/Prop in an Independent/Department Store
Distinctive and captivating features or props that enhance storytelling and brand identity.

Best Christmas Window in a Multiple Retailer
Focus on seasonal creativity and festive spirit in window displays within retailers encompassing eight or more stores.

Best Christmas Window in an Independent/Department Store
Originality and festive appeal in Christmas window displays of independents or department stores, celebrating seasonal themes.

Best Christmas Interior
Excellence in creating a captivating and festive interior atmosphere that enhances the Christmas shopping experience for customers.

Best Window in a Multiple Retailer
Overall excellence in window display and design encompassing eight or more stores.

Best Window in an Independent/Department Store
Innovation and visual impact in window displays of independent or department stores.

Best Instore Branding/Theme
Coherence and appeal of branding that enhances brand identity and customer experience.

Best Sustainable/Eco-Friendly Scheme
Sustainability and environmental consideration in retail design or displays, focusing on eco-friendly practices and materials.


Best Sustainable/Eco-Friendly Product
Emphasis on eco-friendliness and innovation in retail displays.

Best Pop-Up Store
Creativity, design, and effectiveness in temporary retail installations.

Best Instore VM Solution
Innovative visual merchandising solutions that enhance product presentation in difficult/challenging areas.

Best Use of Technology Window/Interior
Innovative use of technology to enhance the visual appeal and interactivity of store windows or interiors.

Best Instore Duty Free/Travel Scheme
Creating appealing and effective retail environments within duty-free or travel-related contexts.

Most Innovative Person Within VM
Recognition of exceptional work over the last 12 months that has not only stood out significantly but also continues to inspire innovation and creativity within the visual merchandising community.

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